NEVER SHARPEN AGAIN! New Relyant Scalers & Curettes from Nordent
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Relyantâ„¢ Scalers & Curettes Renewable Performance for Life

Working with sharp instruments is critical, yet maintaining them can be difficult. Now we're making it easy. Purchase any Relyant Scaler, Curette, or Extraction Elevator from Nordent®, and receive FREE life-time sharpening.

Let Nordent handle your instrument sharpening, then you can remove one more thing from your to-do list. With the Relyant Total Instrument Solution, any Relyant instrument purchase qualifies you for FREE unlimited Nordent Professional Sharpening services for the life of the instrument.

We know that maintaining a sharp edge is essential. We will do it for you, for free, for life.


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Buy 12 Relyant Scalers/Curettes and Get 2 Free
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