All your questions answered.

1 How often do I send my XDURA® or Relyant® instruments in for sharpening?
2 What if I want to sharpen my XDURA or Relyant Instruments myself or in-office?
3 When can I trade my XDURA or Relyant instruments in?
4 Will you sharpen the Trade In instruments?
5 Can I Trade in a XDURA or Relyant Trade In?
6 How many times can my XDURA or Relyant instruments be sharpened?
7 Can I trade in my other instruments?
8 Can XDURA or Relyant instruments be included in a Set Up Order Special?
9 How many extra kits will I need?
10 How long does the sharpening take?
11 Can I send my other scalers and curettes to Nordent for sharpening?
12 How do I purchase XDURA or Relyant instruments?