Which instrument is best for me?

Our premium, longer-lasting XDURA® instruments are crafted from new technology
stainless steel for consistent, dependable sharpness. XDURA® is the hardest, sharpest,
scaler in the world!

XDURA® is available in either DURALite Round® or DURALite ColorRing®. Both DURALite handles are designed for the ultimate in tactile sensitivity and has a gentle texture to reduce glare.

New technology
XDURA stainless
steel stays sharp
longer than ANY
other brand
handles provide
optimal comfort
and maximum
tactile sensitivity
process produces
the sharpest
edge possible

Our signature, high quality Relyant® instruments are designed for maximum comfort.
The ergonomic handle is lightweight and all stainless steel.

high quality
Nordent tips

Ergonomic handle is
lightweight and all
stainless steel, designed
for maximum comfort

hand crafted
in the USA