Sharpen, renew, and recycle…no more re-tipping!
Here’s how it works.

Many dental practices try re-tipping services because they don’t have time to sharpen and manage the instruments in the office. However, most offices feel the instruments they get back are low quality and quickly become frustrated with the inconsistent results. Until now no instrument manufacturer has been able to offer a complete instrument solution.

With Nordent® Professional Sharpening, you can always have sharp instruments to use. Just follow these easy steps:

  • Purchase XDURA or Relyant® instruments and order a free Nordent Shipping Kit here.
  • When your instruments need to be sharpened, simply send your sterilized instruments to Nordent for FREE Professional Sharpening.
  • When your instruments are worn-out, trade them in for brand new instruments at a 40% discount off retail. You’ll continue to get free sharpening on the new “trade-in” instruments, and when they wear out, they can be traded in.

That’s it! Within 24 hours of receipt we’ll have your XDURA or Relyant scalers and curettes inspected, sharpened and shipped back to you.

It’s the most convenient, trouble-free way to keep your kits peforming as well as you do. Enjoy faster procedures, less strain and increased patient comfort, since your scalers and curettes are always sharp. And you’ll never sharpen again!

For more information about XDURA or Relyant® Instruments
contact your Nordent® representative or find a rep in your area.