Sharpening is important!

Dull scalers and curettes require more effort and time to get the job done. This causes hand fatigue, burnished calculus and patient discomfort. Keeping your instruments sharp provides enhanced control and tactile sensitivity.

Why not just sharpen in-office?

Dental offices are busy places. There is never enough time in the day to get everything done. Plus, sharpening instruments can be a difficult task that often results in a mis-sharpened blade.

Why Nordent® Professional Sharpening?

Experience. Nordent has had a Professional Sharpening Service for more than 50 years. Our instrument craftsmen sharpen and repair any brand and any type of dental instrument from Diagnostic and Hygiene to Restorative and Surgical. Professional sharpening by Nordent is the most convenient, hassle-free way to keep your dental instruments sharp and ready to perform.

Now, with XDURA® and Relyant® Scalers & Curettes, you can rely on the only complete instrument solution that includes FREE Nordent Professional Sharpening for life.

"We are an extremely busy pediatric office. There is little time for sharpening instruments. Nordent Rx allows us to keep moving without the extra stress of worrying when we will have time to sharpen our instruments. "-Melissa RDH, Madison, WI

4 reasons you should try XDURA or Relyant Scalers & Curettes today